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I started my creative craft business Raindrop Crafts in 2017.  I love having my own handmade business as this was a dream of my ever since I was a little girl. I just love the creative process of making fairies.  I start with some very simple supplies and before I know it I end up with a beautiful fairy and it is like a little bit of magic happens every time!  My fairies can by purchased via my Etsy store which you can find here.

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Sparkle Angels

My sparkle angels are handmade with love and a sprinkle of magic dust in the Raindrop Crafts Magical Workshop.

They wear a beautiful sparkle dress that consists of lots of layers and they hold the most beautiful wand!   Sparkle angels have bendy legs and would look perfect sat on top of a Christmas tree.  They also comes with metallic thread so you can hang her up if you prefer.  

All of my angels are one of a kind and come with details of their name and favourite things all wrapped up in a little scroll.

Sparkle angels measure 6 inches in height and would make the perfect addition to your Christmas decor. They come gift wrapped in tissue paper in a beautiful handmade gift box which is embossed with snowflakes and finished with a pretty red flower making her a lovely gift if you can bear to part with them. 

Angels aren't just for Christmas though as we all need an angel by our side. 

Pom Pom Bunny Fairy

Rosie is the most super cute pom pom bunny fairy ! She is made with the most beautiful rainbow wool and has lovely sparkly wings. Rosie comes gift wrapped in a beautiful embossed handmade gift box making her the perfect item to give as a gift.  

Buying handmade means you will never have to worry about someone else buying the same gift as you  and it shows what care you have taken to buy something really special! 

Rosie makes the perfect gift for so many occasions such as Easter, baby shower, Christening gift, new baby gift or just to make someone smile, as who can't smile at a pom pom! 

Rosie also comes with her own Raindrop Crafts  Birth Certificate. 

Rosie is approximately 4 inches tall and she looks lovely hung up or sitting on a shelf. 

Please note Rosie is sold as home decor and not a toy as she is delicate just like real bunnies! 

Pink Flower Fairy.JPG

Enchanted Flower Fairy

This beautiful pink enchanted flower fairy makes a beautiful unique gift and will add little a bit of magic to any room! 

Your enchanted flower fairy comes in a beautiful handmade gift box making your fairy extra special and great to give as a gift for so many occasions such as Christening, New Baby, Baby Shower, Birthday etc. 



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