3 Easy Steps to Get you More Sales!

The number one thing that most handmade business owners struggle with is sales!

In this blog post I'm going to share 3 easy steps to help you get more sales!

  1. Treat your Instagram feed like it’s a shop window. Imagine each photo on that grid is a window pane and your ideal customers are walking past? Can they see immediately what you sell or would they be standing out in the cold guessing what it is you actually sell? If you are posting all manor of randomness then please stop! Put the randomness on your stories and let your potential customers see exactly what you are selling. A confused person does not buy! Fill that Instagram grid full of loveliness so that the minute a new potential customer lands on your page they know what your shop is all about!

  2. Set the scene for your potential customers! I don’t know about you but I’m always drawn to buying clothes that are on a mannequin or on a model if I look online as I want to imagine what that outfit might look like on me! I need help to visualise it and I can’t do it so well from something laying flat. Selling handmade is the same, are you helping your potential customers visualise how they would use your product, wear your product, place your product etc? The more guess work you take out of the buying process the easier it is for people to see why they need your product and what it is going to do for them! Even if you don’t have photos of your products perfectly styled to begin with you can talk in your posts about where you would place this item, use it etc.

  3. Show up! If you had a physical bricks and mortar shop it’s unlikely you would run and hide behind the counter every time someone walked in your store. However, when you don’t share photos of you on your grid or stories that’s exactly what you are doing. It is so important that people get to know you and trust you as this will make them want to buy from you. Celebrities are always endorsing and being sponsored to promote products as we feel like we know them and therefore we put our trust in them. Have you ever seen an advert and thought, it must be good if so and so is putting their name to it? If you don’t already, add your name to your Instagram bio and put it at the end of every social media post, regularly share photos of you to your grid and stories and let your customers get to know you!

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Love Lynsey xx

The Handmade Business Coach

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