Branding Your Handmade Business - A Guest Post by Michelle Ramsay Design

Branding Isn’t Just For Big Businesses!

Sometimes small business owners make the mistake of thinking small in lots of areas of their business, and the need for good branding is often overlooked because of this.

Getting your visual message out there to your clients and potential customers is really important and makes branding a valuable asset to have, no matter what size your company.

Whether you’re a large multi-national company, or running your business from your dining room table, how you can use your branding to help your business and the benefits of this are the exactly the same:

1. Looking professional, streamlined and polished

2. Building visual trust with potential customers

3. Creating recognition with your audience

4. Being unique and special

Branding Isn’t Just Your Logo!

Yes it often starts with your logo but it’s so much more. Your branding story should consist of:

1. Your logo and sometimes an alternative logo with a strapline

2. A submark or icon that can be used alongside your logo

3. A bank of fonts you use regularly and that are in your logo, and harmonize with those in your logo

4. A colour palette that you stick to and consistently use in things like your website, your social media graphics, your business cards and any offline items such as packaging, leaflets, brochures etc.

5. You should aim to use all of these elements consistently so wherever your audience sees you, online and off, they see the same graphics, colours, fonts and tone of voice.

Your branding should evolve as your business does.

Sometimes we start out with a logo that will “do for now” or we buy a ready made image or create something ourselves on Canva to get us started. There’s nothing wrong with this but make sure your reviewing your branding from time to time to make sure it still reflects your business. Remember these key points:

1. If you no longer love your branding or feel like it’s time for something unique for your business then perhaps it’s time to get something professionally created.

2. Make sure your branding appeals to the type of ideal customer you’re trying to attract, you’ll never reach John Lewis clients with B&M Bargain logo! I’m making a joke of course, but remember where you’re pitching your business.

3. Make sure your branding reflects your business visually. Is your brand feminine? Your logo should be too. Are your products for children? Then perhaps your logo should be playful, or sweet, or cute.

If you have any branding questions that you need help with then you can get in touch


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