Don't think about what you can't do in your business right now, think about what you can

For those of us living in the UK after the Prime Minister's announcements last night that we can only go to out buy essential items and one lot of exercise per day I don't know about you but I wondered what on earth I should do about my handmade business! Do I close my business, do I keep it open, what's the best forward for me!. I have decided to keep my handmade business open but with a longer time for deliver as I will now only be going to the post office once a week on a Friday. I know that not everyone wants to carry on posting orders or is even able to leave the house at the moment and if that is you I want to still encourage you to carry on with your business in other ways and there are so many things you can do to work on business. I bet when you think about it you have had a list of things that you have really wanted to do for so long but you never got round too! So here are some ideas for you! 1. New designs - I have a great long list of new designs in my head that I have never made, now is the time to work on all those new designs! 2. Improve your product photography! Look on social media at accounts like Mollie Makes or Hobby Craft to see how they still craft projects to get some inspiration to get you started. 3. Start making stock for Halloween or Christmas. This will help you avoid the normal Christmas rush by getting ahead now! 4. Can you accept deposits or start Christmas payment plans for people so you can still bring some money in for your business. 5. Can you record some online tutorials showing people how to make what you make. 6. Can you write patterns for crochet, sewing or knitting and sell as a digital product online. This way you can sell all over the world without even leaving the house! 7. Keep showing up on social media. If you are making items for Christmas then share photos of them. Share your journey about how you are managing spending more time at home.

8. Get stock made up! Instead of constantly making items to order get ahead now so when you reopen you have loads of lovely stock ready to go!

9. Learn as much as you can about business! Take this time to learn as much as you can about all areas of business!

10. Brain storm at least 10 ideas of ways you can take your business forward right now!

I hope this helps you realise that even if you close to orders for a while there is still lots things you can do to focus positively on your business!

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