How having a mindset for success can help your business!

Having a mindset for success can really help your business in so many ways! But what actually is mindset? Mindset is all the thoughts we have all day everyday. We have a lot of thoughts somewhere in the region of between 60k to 80k, we have very busy minds!

Our minds are our greatest resource but need to tell it the right things! If you say to yourself my sales are slow, my business isn't doing well that is exactly what our mind will look for and will give you all the reasons you are right! So why not think instead, 'how can I get the regular sales?' For a start how much better does that feel and also when you start asking that question your mind will start looking for answers. You might find some training to do, you might take notice of a really good post someone else has done on social media that gives you inspiration for your own social media. Just with that simple change of thought your mind can start doing amazing things. All these small steps can lead to big positive changes in your businesses.

To work on your mindset the first thing that you need to do is to become really aware of your thoughts. When I first started to do this I was really shocked at how negative my thoughts were to myself, I really was my own worst critic!

A lot of times when you really start paying attention to those thoughts you will uncover negative beliefs. Negative and limiting beliefs are just the stories we keep telling ourselves over and over again, but just because it is a belief doesn't mean it's true. Negative beliefs can be anything and some we might have held onto since childhood like I'm not artistic, I'm no good at maths. Once we become aware of those negative beliefs we can then start to reframe them and replace them with better things like how can I become better at maths if that was something you wanted to work on for example.

If you would like more help on having a mindset for success I have had a great expert visit my free Facebook group the lovely Bec Mills from this week and she has shared her knowledge on how to set your week up for success. If you haven't joined my free group yet, please click on this link to join and watch the video.

Love Lynsey xx

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