How Podcasts can Help your Handmade Business!

Before I start telling you how podcasts can help your handmade business I know there will be some of you that have no idea what a podcast even is! If that's you that's ok, that was me a few short years ago as well!

A podcast is an audio programme just a radio show but you can subscribe to them on your smart phone and listen whenever you like! There are various different apps which you can download and listen to podcasts on such as Itunes, Spotify and Stitcher.

So how can they actually help your handmade business? Here are some of the benefits that I have found since listening to podcasts:

  1. Education - this is my number reason for listening to podcasts! There is so much you can learn whilst listening to podcasts. When you run a business the more you learn and implement about running a successful business and marketing it will benefit you in so many ways including boosting your sales and confidence!

  2. Multi-tasking - whilst listening to a podcast you can also be busy creating your handmade crafts, cooking dinner, go out for a walk etc and still listen to a podcast at the same time and keep learning!

  3. Get to know the podcast hosts - this might sound a strange one but for me when I've listened to podcasts it really gives me an insight into the podcast hosts and how much they know their stuff! I might then go to get one of their freebies, buy a book or sign up to a course happy in the knowledge that I am making a good choice!

  4. Motivation - we all have down days in our business when we just want to throw in the towel! On those days listen to a podcast, you will have a list of new things to try in your business before the end of the day depending on what your listening to of course!

  5. Entertainment - Sometimes we just want a bit of entertainment whilst we are creating and podcasts allow you to listen without being distracted by having to watch anything. They can make you laugh, make you cry and completely inspire you! Just choose to listen to what appeals to you!

  6. They are free! On top of all the above benefits they are also free! A lot podcasts contain amazing content so go check some out today.

And if you would like to listen to podcast that will really help you turn you hobby into a profitable business, inspire and motivate you then I would love you to listen to The Handmade Business Podcast, co-hosted by me and my biz buddy Anna.

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