Why you need to be making product videos!

We all want to sell our beautiful handmade products but it can be hard to keep getting consistant sales so it's important to try all the tricks in your box or toolkit to make your products stand out from the crowd. Every little thing you that you can improve in your business can make the difference between getting a sale or not! So I want to encourage you to start making products to showcase your amazing products!

Here are 3 good reasons why you should be making product videos!

1. When people are scrolling through still photos on social media, a video can really stand out and catch their eye. If you can make someone stop on your video and view your amazing product you are in with a chance to make a sale!

2. You can show far more of your product off when you video it. A video can bring a product to life and stick in mind more than a flat photo.

3. If you talk about the product, you can give lots of useful information to your customers and you they will also start to get to know you more as they will hear your voice. And the more our customers get to know us the more, know, like and trust we promote and they will want to buy from you.

These days you don't need fancy video cameras. Most smart phones will take good quality video and they improve every time a new model comes out.

So here are my top 3 tips to make great product videos.

1. Check out your backdrop. Make sure you don't get other things in the background like I did when my toaster was showing as my backdrop wasn't big enough when I first started videos lol!

2. Use as much as natural light as possible or add in lightening. The most important thing is your videos aren't dark. You want your products to stand out.

3. Turn your product around so your customers can have a really good at what you are selling. Having your hands in the video will also give your product some useful scale for your customers too.

So there you have it my top 3 tips for making great product videos. I hope you will give videos a go and see how they help your business.

Love Lynsey x

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