The Secrets to Etsy Success with Guest Expert Anna Maria

I'm so excited to have my lovely podcast co-host Anna from @annasplanners on this guest blog post today! Anna is an Etsy expert and shares her expert knowledge in this interview!

1. Anna please tell us a little about you and your business?

I’m Anna Maria of Anna’s Planners (a major plant lover and crystal collector) and I am also an Etsy Seller of almost 7 years. I have two Etsy Shops (Memories and More Gifts and Jewellery and Gems Co) where I sell meaningful customised memory locket gifts and gemstone jewellery.

I am also an Etsy Expert and am on a mission to help as many women as possible sell their handmade products successfully on Etsy and I do this in a few ways, firstly via The Handmade Business Planner which is an extensive planner that helps you keep on top of everything in your business from pricing, social media, product creation, finances and more. This can be found via my Etsy shop Anna’s Planners.

Plus I also have loads of free social media content, a podcast which I host with you Lynsey called The Handmade Business Podcast (available on iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify) and an upcoming Etsy Success course which I am mega excited to release.

2. Anna why do you love to sell on Etsy?

I believe Etsy is mega easy to use and understand (with the right help) versus other selling platforms and I have always found the Etsy internal team to be transparent and helpful with any issues or queries.

I also believe they have the sellers (and customers) best interests at heart and think they go above and beyond to make sure that handmade products are accessible to the masses around the world, meaning that more people can grow their own businesses that would have at some point just been hobbies.

Every corporate company will get some stick for some things, but honestly the pros outweigh the cons in my opinion.

3. Anna why do you prefer to use Etsy rather than sell on your own website?

Personally I believe the seller fees are extremely competitive and so getting your products out to customers is (with the correct pricing structure) very affordable. I also think that the layout of the shop manager pages are extremely user friendly (as is the Etsy Seller App) meaning that once you have learnt all there is to know, you can set up your shop and start selling.

4. Anna, I know this might be hard to choose one but what is your favourite Etsy feature?

I think that Etsy Seller Plus is really great and I was very excited when this was introduced as it gives sellers more freedoms to customise their shop pages.

5. Anna what do you think to the Etsy star seller feature and is this something everyone should be aiming for?

I had my reservations at first as there were some teething issues such as with tracking not being added for 1st class postage, but now that they have made the whole set up easier to understand I think it’s an extra thing for excellent sellers to be rewarded by.

I think there are still things they need to work out such as whether the normal reviews are overridden by star seller but overall I think it’s easy to understand and very achievable. And its gives the customers to our shops extra piece of mind!

6. Anna what is your opinion on Etsy ads, is this something everyone should think about investing in?

No I don’t think it’s for everyone. I think once you are selling at the level that is right for you with organic traffic from Etsy, then yes definitely look into Etsy Ads!

But there is so much to do before that stage that for most people it’s not something to be looking into.

To me Etsy Ads are the cherry on the cake, but you have to have the cake first right?

7. Anna what is one thing you wish you knew when you first started selling on Etsy?

I wish I had worked on my pricing earlier on, I definitely undercharged for the first 6 months but business was so new to me and I was more focused on making the ‘orders’ rather than what I was actually making and if I was even paying myself.

But once I got that sorted I have never looked back. I also spent too much on packaging and wanted the fanciest everything, this was unnecessary and inevitably cut into my profits!!

8. Anna what are your top 3 tips for selling successfully on Etsy?

Pricing, keywords and branding (including photography). It doesn’t matter how many times you make a sale because your shop is epic and so are your products – if you don’t make any money it’s all for nothing.

Once you have made sure your prices are great though, keywords is a must!!!! I recommend Marmalead for finding the best keywords. I also have a free SEO guide you can find via the link in my bio (@AnnasPlanners) that explains in quite a bit of detail about Etsy SEO. My upcoming course will have a whole lesson dedicated to Etsy SEO so look out for that.

9. Anna, you have shared some amazing knowledge with us, so please share where people can come and find out more about you and the services you offer?

You can find my shops on Etsy (Memories and More Gifts and Jewellery and Gems Co) and my IG handle is @AnnasPlanners where you can also get access to The Handmade Business Planner, the Podcast links, my (and our) freebies plus a tonne of helpful posts with checklists and saveable content to help you on your Etsy journey.

If you would like to see the full video interview I did with Anna over on Instagram, please click here!

Love Lynsey - The Handmade Business Coach

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