Why your handmade business isn't successful!

I can guarantee if I asked you what you could do to improve your business you could probably give me a lovely long list of things you could do, should do and would do but your not actually doing them!

So if you know what you could do, should do and would do why aren't you actually doing them? I can guarantee the reason the majority of people aren't is because doing something different and making changes is unfamiliar to us. Our minds love what is familiar as that's the way we are designed, to keep us safe! And that's why making changes and doing something different can feel so hard!

Every single person I've ever coached has wanted to make changes but making changes by ourselves is hard work. So we end up stuck doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same results!

It's just the same with losing weight, if I asked you how to do it I bet you would tell something like eat less, move more or something along those lines! But losing weight would involve making changes, we might need to change how much we eat, what we eat and start some exercise. All these things can feel very unfamiliar.

That's why companies like Slimming World and Weight Watchers exist because they know that people find making changes to what they eat difficult. So they give you a cheerleader to help you, other people that are going through the same thing and keep you accountable. I personally don't believe diets work but these companies are a good example where people need help to make changes.

When someone works with a business coach it's just the same, they want to make changes in their business but they can't do it by themselves. Sometimes my coaching clients think they are ready to start making changes but when the time comes to actually take the action they can't go through with it as the fear they are experiencing just becomes too great!

When that happens I always tell my clients that it's ok, as that is normal, making changes and doing something different can make us feel really uncomfortable and our minds will do anything to take those feelings away even it means staying stuck! But that is only the beginning of a coaching journey because a good coach will help you firstly reframe those fears and limiting beliefs and then help you break down those big goals into tiny baby steps if necessary so you feel you have the confidence to start moving forward on them.

One of the things I used to find difficult was selling, I would think sales people were pushy and I didn't want to be like that! But I've reframed those thoughts. Now when I think about sales I think about me offering really good customer service, if I tell people about my services and they buy I'm going to make a bigger impact and help more people with their businesses! When your selling your handmade products think about the great customer service you are offering when you are making it easy for people to find how to buy from you by putting a call to action at the end of every post. You are not being pushy you are being helpful! That makes selling feel so much better don't you agree?

Here are my top tips for making changes!

  • Make a decision you don't want to stay as you are now.

  • Understand it's not your fault that you find making changes difficult, that's just how our minds work!

  • Reframe how you think about the things you find difficult and want to change.

  • Break down the changes you want to make into tiny baby steps and commit to just doing 5 minutes a day of doing something different.

  • Get help to make the changes you want in your business if you find it too difficult to make them alone!

If you fed up of feeling stuck in your business and want some help so you can make the changes you need to move forward I would love to help you! I have a range of one to one coaching packages as well as group coaching options.

Lynsey Warren - Handmade Business Coach

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