Business Accelerator CoachingProgramme

Business Accelerator CoachingProgramme

This 6 part coaching programme is designed to really focus on all areas of your business that you need to improve to help you achieve the business success that you want. Business success doesn't just have to be a dream anymore! We will review all areas of your business to identify the parts that need improvement and I will create a tailored coaching programme to support you on your journey to business success. In addition to the coaching you will receive weekly accountablity checkin and bonus online workshop - How to Sell Your Handmade Products with Ease.

1 to 1 coaching sessions last 1 hour and take place over zoom video call.

If you would like to pay by 3 instalments please click this link to visit my payment plan option here.

Once you have made your purchase I will be in contact with you to arrange your first coaching session.