The Perfect Packaging Online Course

The Perfect Packaging Online Course

It's time to wow your customers with the perfect packaging!  Having the perfect packaging will make your customers feel special and help you get those repeat sales! I have lost count of the lovely messages I have received from customers telling me how much they like not only the product they brought but also the packaging! 

If you have ever attempted to make a box, you will know it is quite a skill to get the perfect fit for the top and bottom of a box!  In this course I share all the tools, tricks and tips you need to make it super quick and easy to make your own beautiful boxes. 

In this online course I show you:

  • All the tools and materials you need to make your own beautiful embossed boxes.
  • How to emboss card with beautiful patterns
  • How to size a box and make a time saving template
  • How to make the perfect fitting box

The course includes 4 bitsized videos totalling just under 30 minutes as well as shop links to the tools and materials you need to buy. Shop links are for UK shops only. 

If you make very large or heavy items these boxes will not be suitable. You can make boxes using up to A3 card with this method. If you are not sure if these boxes are suitable for your products then please contact me before purchasing the course. 

The perfect packaging is an online course that is brought to you in the form of a V-Book.  A V-Book is an online book with videos that you can watch and read.  When you purchase your course you will receive an email with a link to your online course.  

Please note no physical product will be sent.