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The Handmade Craft Fair

Virtual Craft Fairs Selling the Best of Handmade  2022

I'm on a mission to help as many handmade business owners as possible to turn their hobbies into a profitable business. 
As part of that mission I'm running virtual craft fairs to help promote the work of as many crafters as possible. This year I will be running virtual fairs every other month. My next craft fair is taking place on the 21st & 22nd of May 

 Please carry on reading for all the details below and the links to apply. 

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May Fair - 21st & 22nd of May

I'm now taking applications for my  May Virtual Fair - taking place on the 21st & 22nd May.   

To take part in the May Fair:

  • You need to be selling handmade products. 

  • Be prepared to promote the fair on social media before and during the event. 

  • Work as part of a team with other handmade business owners to support each other.

  • Be able to email photos and text for your virtual stalls 2 weeks before the fair date. 

Please only apply if you can meet all of the above criteria. 

This isn't just a virtual fair you also get training on how to take part in a virtual craft fair

This is what is included with your fee for the Virtual fair

  • A virtual stall on Instagram which is a carousel post (one with multiple photos which you swipe across) with up to 10 photos. Each photo can have multiple photos so you can promote a lot of products within your virtual stall.

  • Seller handbook with full-instructions about the fair.

  • Tutorial videos to support you to use Canva and an app to add text to your photos for the fair and hints and tips to help you have a successful selling experience at the fair. 

  • A zoom call Q & A and networking meeting which is an opportunity to ask any questions you have about the fair as well as being able to meet and network with other virtual stall holders. 

  • Promotion your business on all my social media during the fair on @thehandmadecraftfair, @lynseywarrencoaching.

  • I will put you in a small Instagram group team so you have support from other handmade business owners as well as me. 

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to apply

Go Live Option!

I am now offering an optional extra to my virtual fairs where you can go live with me during the fair. The Go Live option consists of 15 minutes live time with me which will be a mini Meet the Maker interview with the chance to promote up to 5 products.  The cost of the Go Live Stall Option is £25. 

There are so many benefits to going live on Instagram:

  • Your followers and mine who are online will be notified when we go live.

  • People will get to know you as the maker which builds up know, like and trust which makes people want to buy from you. 

  • You can show your products off so much more than in just a photograph. A video brings your products to life and it is an opportunity to talk about their features and benefits. 

If the thought of live video has you running for the hills, before you disregard this option, remember I will be asking you the questions, which you will have before hand so it will be like I'm virtually holding your hand every step of the way! And if it's really not for you, you can still select to have a standard virtual stall  for the price of £15.

Virtual Craft Fair Information and Terms and Conditions. Please read before applying!

  •  A virtual stall costs £15 for a standard virtual stall or £25 for a virtual stall that includes a 15 minute 'Go Live' option during the fair. 

  • Each stall holder can have up to 10 photos to promote your products and business. This will be be on a carousel image on The Handmade Craft Fair Page, you can view what one looks like here.

  • You will be able to download your step by step seller handbook once you have made payment for the fair. 

  • Your stall with either be posted on a Saturday or Sunday and you will be advised which day your stall will be posted. 

  • Support will be given by Instagram groups and email. 

  • Photos will need to include prices and must be submitted by 2 weeks before the fair date.  

  • You items must be handmade.

  • Stall holders can take payment via their website, Etsy or other selling platforms. Paypal can also be used but please do not ask for buyers to send payment via family and friends as this doesn't give them buyer protection.

  • Your products will need to comply with all safety regulations such as CE testing for toys, food hygiene for food products and body products etc.  

  • Please make sure all your products comply with copyright so no Disney, star wars etc. 

  • International sellers are welcome as long as you ship to the UK and give information about which country you are selling from and estimated delivery times.

  • You agree too not take part in any other virtual fairs on the same day as this event. 

  • Once your application has been approved you will be emailed a link to make payment via my website.  As soon as your payment is made your stall will be secured. 

  • Once payment has been made for your stall, no refunds will be issued if you decide to not take part as you will have had access to all the training. 

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Applications Closed

Applications - Now Closed  

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Lynsey's virtual fairs have made a huge impact on my small business. 

My first fair was in September 2021 and it was a turning point for me in my handmade business journey. 

Lynsey creates a lovely supportive community by putting us into teams where you can chat to one another, get advice on products and photography and support each other throughout the fair. It's a great way to build connections with other small business owners.

The fair itself is so well organised, Lynsey provides a clear guide on how to virtually run your stall, direct customers and promote your products. 

This year I decided to go live on Instagram with Lynsey to promote my stall. I was nervous about doing it, but Lynsey was very encouraging and made me feel at ease right from the start. This fair was one of the most successful I have done and I would attribute that to going Live. Customers were able to see my products in real life but also get to know me better as it was the first time I had come on camera on instagram. 

I would highly recommend Lynsey's fairs and if you are thinking about going live, go for it, you definitely won't regret it. 

Steph - Grace and Golden 

I have just done a virtual craft fair hosted by Lynsey and I can honestly say it is the best virtual fair I have done! 

Why? Because, Lynsey is so supportive and guides you every step of the way from the weeks before the event. Every participant is given a handbook full of tips and tutorials. I am not great on photographing and the handbook shows you exactly how to set up and use a template to display your virtual stall. Absolutely invaluable advice.  

Lynsey hosts a live zoom with all the crafters and you are given teams to help & support each other. It is so nice to see and hear 'real' people who are part of the same event.  I have done several virtual fairs but this has definitely been the most guided and helpful to date.  I made sales and it is mostly due to the help & guidance of Lynsey showing us how to create and display our stalls literally holding your hand every step of the way (and ofcourse my lovely products helped!)  

I can't recommend this super coach and @thehandmadecraffair enough and I am looking forward to the next fair Lynsey runs.  

Sue - Sues Crafts and Creations 

When I signed up for my first Handmade Virtual Fair, I suddenly realised I wasn't very well equipped to participate. My technical skills were quite lacking and I really had no confidence in putting myself forward. I needn't have worried. Lynsey encouraged me step-by-step with information an video clips which made the whole process easy and enjoyable. I also made new Instagram friends through other participating crafters, who proved so helpful and supportive.  To that end I have now signed up for the next Virtual fair which I am really looking forward to - with confidence! Renne - Norfolk Sew N Sew

I took part in my first fair with The Handmade Craft Fair last month and it was a wonderful experience! I'd previously done other markets but Lynsey offers so much guidance through the seller handbook, zoom call and messaging that I learnt so much. Her wonderful organisation of small support groups, and her fantastic advertising meant I had a great market experience making plenty of sales. But more important was meeting and learning from other small business owners (and Lynsey herself) helping me build my small business into the the future. Worth the experience just for that! Thank you Lynsey - Nairi - Artisinat Creations

I have taken part in a few of the Handmade Craft Fairs now and each and every experience has been different, but incredibly worthwhile.  Lynsey does a fantastic job of organising the fairs and setting everyone up with the best chance to succeed. There is always something new to learn and Lynsey is so supportive!  You also make lots of small business friends along the way. If you're thinking about taking part, I would definitely recommend signing up and giving it a go!

Beth - Etivni Designs